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My products are designed and built with great consideration given to quality, reliability, consistency, durability and (of course) tone.  I use components by the most trusted manufacturers, such as Vishay, Nichicon, Wima, Panasonic, Xicon, and Texas Instruments.  Wherever possible, I use audio grade capacitors and precision resistors.  The PCBs were designed by me, and I have them professionally fabricated.  Hardware includes Alpha pots, 4Site premium switches, and Switchcraft or Neutrik jacks.  Case color and appearance may vary based on availability.

Custom pedals may be built on hand-etched PCBs, or perfboard, although I try to use fabricated boards whenever possible.  Custom builds, mods, and repairs still use the same top-quality components I use in my products.

All pedals are hand-built by me, in my modest basement workshop in Carver, Massachusetts.  I do not outsource any of the design or assembly work.

About me

I began playing guitar as a child, and by my teens was playing in local bands.  As a young, struggling musician, it became important to learn how to maintain and repair my own equipment.  By the early 90s, I had become the go-to guy for guitar and amp repairs among my friends.  I found that I enjoyed fixing gear, and decided to pursue an education in electronics.

I earned my degree in electronics in 1996.  Since then, I have worked in the engineering, manufacturing, and repair departments of two global electronics companies.  However, my real interest continued to be guitar gear, and I spent my "free" time designing, building, and modifying pedals.  In 2004, I began offering my freelance services to local musicians, modifying and repairing name-brand effects pedals.  In 2007, I officially launched RST Custom Effects, and the pedalmaker.com website, and began offering completely handmade custom pedals.

After several years of building custom pedals, and being contracted to build pedals for other brands, I have decided to take a shot at releasing my own products under my own brand.  In 2014, I was able to aquire the rstcustomeffects.com domain (I can't believe somebody else owned it!) and began building my brand.  The first lines of my production pedals were released in Spring of 2014, and more have followed periodically.  I also continue offering custom pedals.  I look forward to continuing to introduce new models, as I help my customers find their ideal tone.

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