Custom-built Effects Pedals

My hand-built custom pedals are based on some of the most famous and sought-after circuits in the world, but modified to meet your needs.  You can get the sounds of the classics, with the options and features you always wished they had!  My pedals are made with higher-quality components, and have modern features like true-bypass switching, status LED, and standard "Boss style" 2.1mm DC jacks.  All pedals are available in a variety of optional finishes.

Here are some of the most commonly requested circuits:
Big Muff, Bosstone, Distortion+, Dynacomp, EA Tremolo, Electra Distortion, Eternity, FET Overdrive, Foxey Lady, Fuzz Face, Fuzz Rite, Green Ringer, Guv'nor, Kay Tremolo, LPB-1, Maestro FZ-1a, MOSFET Boost, Orange Squeezer, Phase 45, Phase 90, PT-80 Delay, Rangemaster, Rat, Ross Compressor, Small Clone, Small Stone, Supa Fuzz, Tonebender, Tube Screamer, Wah Pedals

Visit the RST Custom Effects channel on YouTube for pedal demos.


The price for custom-built pedals is determined individually.  When you contact me about making a pedal for you, we will discuss what you want, and I will present you with all the options, and their prices.

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