Spartan Series Pedals

The Spartan series brings expertly hand-crafted pedals to a surprisingly affordable level.  These pedals feature the very same high-quality parts, and handmade craftsmanship of the Pro Series pedals, at an unbelievable price.  No corners are cut in build quality!  Instead, cost is kept low by using simplified circuits, most with only a single knob.  Also, the Spartan pedals have no battery option, only external power.  And, instead of costly paint and graphics, the Spartans come in a simple metal enclosure with black graphics.

Spartan ROAR!
Heavy roaring fuzz
Spartan PEAK!
"Cocked-wah" filter
Spartan EDGE!
Pick-sensitive overdrive
Spartan CRUNCH!
Crunchy distortion
Spartan SLAM!
High output boost
Spartan SQUISH!
Optical Compressor
Spartan DUO!
PEAK! and ROAR! in one

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