Customer Testimonials

More than anything, I like to know that my customers are truly satisfied with the work I have done.  Here are some people who were nice enough to send me some kind words, either directly through email, or by posting an online review on Youtube or Facebook.  I thank them for taking the time to share their thoughts.

"I placed an order for a custom wah, wanting a classic vocal sound that works well with fuzz pedals, overdrives, etc... and has a great sweep.  Not only did the pedal do this, but exceeded all expectations.  This is the tone and wah I've been looking years for, and I even got it in my own personal color!!!  Thanks very much!"
- Rob P.

"Holy smokes, it seems to have all the qualities that people talk about in those outrageously priced [removed] pedals.  This pedal does exactly what everyone raves about, gives a hint of overdrive and doesn't color the tone - it's really the amps' tone just with asymmetric clipping tubey like distortion.  Love it!"
- Dan T.

"I've had Scott work on quite a few pedals, a PA head and an amp, all in various states of distress, and all with excellent results... I could not recommend his services more!"
- Russ H.

"Thank you much for the custom switcher.  It works wonderful, saved me a ton of money buying 3 different items also saves alot in space on my board.  Built well, looks great.  You'll be hearing from me again.  Thanks again."
- Andrew P.

"RST Custom Effects brought my dead, 40 year old tube amp that had not been used in 20 years back to life and it sounds great!  When I picked up the amp I was able check out one of his modified Boss DS1 pedals in person.  It sounded so good I am having him mod my DS1 next.  I found RST's workmanship to be excellent, rates reasonable and the turn around on my amp was real quick."
- Rich Z.

"Just wanted to say thanks for making such a quality stompbox for me.  It really sounds much better than the stuff [removed] is putting out nowadays.  I am very glad I know about your service and will be calling on you soon for another pedal.  Keep up the quality work!"
- Matt D.

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